Guided wave radar level transmitter RIZUR-1300
Guided wave radar level transmitter 

Enclosures RIZURBOX-C
Nanocoating ensures stable antistatic properties and is used for the fiberglass enclosures of any size and configuration.

Ultrasonic level switch RIZUR-900 is designed for the level control of the liquid medium in open and closed tanks, including those under pressure, in processing units at industrial facilities. 

Soft enclosures RIZUR

Soft enclosures RIZUR comply with the requirements of TU-5763-002-12189681-2014 and are designed for the insulation of hot surfaces, burn protection of the personnel, and heat loss reduction. 


Sight flow indicators (run-down boxes) RIZUR-VIP comply with the requirements of TU and are designed for the visual monitoring of the medium flow in the pipelines


Explosion-proof heaters RIZUR-TERM are designed for protection against freezing of electric and electronic components, preventing condensation, maintaining set temperatures in enclosures for equipment and control cabinets.

About us

Founded in 1997, "NPO RIZUR" has since become a serious enterprise that manufactures and delivers explosion-proof equipment to the oil and gas as well as petrochemical facilities in Russia and the neighboring CIS countries. The core business of our company is the production of heating systems for equipment operating in harsh environment (enclosures and soft enclosures, heaters, etc.), level gauging and signaling devices. Apart from that, our company is an official dealer of several home and foreign manufacturers of high-performance EC&I equipment.

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