Sight flow indicators RIZUR-VIP-2 and RIZUR-VIP-3

Sight flow indicators RIZUR-VIP are manufactured according to TU and are used for the visual monitoring and flow control in the pipelines.

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Sight flow indicators RIZUR-VIP are designed for the sight flow control, as well as quantity and quality control of the medium (liquid, gas, transparent, semi-transparent, coloured) in the pipelines. The indicator can also help to determine the presence or absence of the media, control its colour and transparency. The equipment can be mounted vertically and horizontally.The direction of the flow is indicated by an arrow on the housing. 

Sight flow indicators are manufactured with nominal width of 15…500mm and can be used in the systems with pressure 1,6 MPа, 2,5 MPа, 4,0 MPа (depending on the design variant), as well as up to 6,3MPa, 10,0MPa, 16,0MPa (are possible upon a request) and in the temperature conditions of − 60 °С … + 280 °С/+ 500 °С (depending on the design variant).

Sight flow indicators are used for a broad spectrum of control tasks: during transportation and storage of oil and gas products, in the water-supply and drainage systems, for the operation control of the pumping equipment, delivery of the liquid materials in the food industry, etc.



Design description

The sight flow indicator consists of corrosion resistant steel housing (or any other alloy) 08H17N13M2 (an analogue of AISI 316L). It’s possible to control the medium through the observation windows (one or more) on the housing. Due to the graphite or ftoroplast insulation the instrument is completely hermetically sealed. Material choice for this padding depends on the technological process conditions. For the improvement in the flow visibility for the transparent and clear compositions, instruments of the RIZUR-VIP series are equipped with additional mechanisms. Inside the housing, there can be an impeller (rotary table), a flap (vane) or balls.

Accordingly, when the medium passes the flow, the impeller starts to turn, the valve gate – to move back, and the balls – to move around. The stronger the flow – the quicker these processes occur. Impeller, a flap, and balls help identify low-speed flows and medium movement at a distance..

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OOO "NPO RIZUR" designes and manufactures flow indicators of any non-standard construstions in accordance with the Customer's technical requirements. 
Housing Stainless steel 03Х16Н15М3 (an analogue of AISI 316L)
Stainless steel 08Х18Н10 (an analogue of AISI 304)
Other materials (on request)
Observation window Tempered glass (+150 °С, 1,6 MPa)
Borosilicate glass (+280 °С, 16 MPa)
Insulation PTFE
Inside nominal diameter 1/8” – 2” and more (upon an agreement with the manufacturer)
Process connection For welding
Maximum process temperature +200 °С
+250 °С (only for versions RIZUR-VIP-2 и RIZUR-VIP-3)
Special executions for temperatures up to +450°С
Maximum pressure 0,6 MPa (for RIZUR-VIP-4 and RIZUR-VIP-5)
1,6 MPa
2,5 MPa
4,0 MPa
6,3 MPa (on request)
10,0 MPa (on request)
16,0 MPa (on request)
Impeller PTFE (+250°С)
Plastic (+100°С)
Balls PTFE (+250°С)
Plastic (+100°С)
Assembly situation Any kind (VIP-4 with a ball but window up)
Flow direction Indicated with an arrow
Options Scale
Observation window backlighting
Minimal operating temperature -60 °С
Warranty period 12 months
Average service life more than 25 years
Customized version It's possible to manufacture any non-standard versions in accordance with the Customer's technical requirements

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