Soft enclosures RIZUR for EC&I equipment

Heat-insulated soft enclosures RIZUR are manufactured in compliance with TU-5763-002-12189681-2014 and conform to GOST R MEK 60079-18-2012. Depending on design and materials, soft enclosures RIZUR are designed for covering different equipment (instrumentation and control, shut-off and control valves, motor-driven equipment, and PCS elements) and are aimed at protecting the equipment from environmental factors (precipitation, icing, wind load capacity, direct solar radiation, high temperatures, corrosive substances, etc.), reducing heat loss (mainly the soft enclosures designed for protecting shut-off and control valves used in high temperature technological processes), as well as maintaining the required air temperature (object's surface temperature) inside the enclosure when the equipment is used at low or negative temperatures (mainly the soft enclosures for EC&I, flowing wellhead equipment, electrical and pneumatic drives, back pressure valves).

Soft enclosures are especially widely used in oil and gas facilities in northern areas being the most cost effective and high-quality solution for equipment heating.

Heat-insulated soft enclosure RIZUR has a multi-layer body made of abrasion and flame-resistant antistatic materials. There's also a thermal insulator for heat insulation between the internal and external layers. 

Coating and thermal insulation materials, as well as the thickness of the thermal insulator, are chosen depending on the peculiarities of the technological process and operating conditions. 

The releasable joints are made of freeze-resistant Velcro fasteners. To seal cable and tubing glands special textile tightening sleeves of insulated or not insulated construction are used (depending on the soft enclosure’s design). The configuration and dimensions of a soft enclosure depend on the heated equipment features and the soft enclosure’s design.

To maintain the required temperature inside RIZUR soft enclosure, different types of equipment can be used: explosion-proof self-regulating or resistive heating cables, RIZUR-ONP, RIZUR-OShA, RIZUR-OUR-PL, RIZUR-TERM and similar, as well as any other kinds of heating elements that are approved for use in a prescribed manner - upon an agreement with the Customer.

A special feature of RIZUR soft enclosures is that their assembly/disassembly does not require process shutdown. Due to precise design and the usage of belt straps, disconnection of the data or other types of cables of the protected equipment is not required.

Enclosure's structure

Конструкция термочехла
  1. Soft enclosure from fire-proof fabric
  2. Pressure transmitter VEGABAR 82
  3. Adhesive tape
  4. Tightening sleeve with a 30 mm diameter (for a cable with a 4-29 mm diameter)
  5. Observation window
  6. Tightening sleeve with a 40-50 mm diameter (bottom part)
  7. Valve
  8. Entrance supply cable
  9. Self-regulating heating cable RIZUR-SGL-N
  10. Terminal box RIZUR-KC for 220-240 V
  11. Metal hose from galvanized steel in PVC coating 

Installation area general industrial areas
areas exposed to explosion hazards В-1а и В-1d acc. to Electrical Installation Regulations (PUE) Ch. 7.3
Ingress protection
IP54 acc. GOST 1425-96
External layer material
flame-resistant antistatic PVC-material,
fiberglass with double-sided silicon coating
Internal layer/tightening sleeves' material
fiberglass with double-sided silicon coating
Insulator material
foam rubber K-Flex ST, modified expanded polyethylene, non-woven mineral insulation
Threads material
Closing/fixation system
flame and freeze resistant Velcro strips + O-rings made of stainless steel
Total wall thickness
10... 100 mm (depending on the soft enclosure's execution
Thermal conductivity
0,03 W/m*K
Surface resistivity (antistatic)
under 109 Ом
Ambient temperature -70°С….+70°С (up to +700°С for the heat-insulating soft enclosures)
Temperature maintained without a thermoregulator
Temperature maintained with a thermoregulator
-40°С…+110 °С (see thermoregulator's technical specifications)
Power cable length in a metal hose
0,5 ... 50 m (depending on order specification)
Supply power
from 15 to 5000 W (depending on the soft enclosure's dimensions and configuration)
Warranty period
12 months
24/36 months (on request)
Average operation time
over 7 years
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