Capacitive relay sensor RIZUR-100

RIZUR-100 is a universal device used as a capacitive relay sensor that measures different levels or, similar to a level switch, control points. The first design variant is for the maintaining, regulating and controlling the level of conductive and non-conductive media - liquids, cohesive products, free-flowing substances, and granulated media.

Intended use and field of application

Capacitive relay sensor and level meter RIZUR-100 is designed for both liquids and solids with dielectric permittivity er ≥ 1,5. The device can be used in the oil refining, food, chemical, metal, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and other branches of the industry where efficient control, moderation and coordination of the technology processes are essential.

RIZUR-100 are used in mild and frigid climate, in the temperature range of -60 to +40 °С, vibration-and shake-proof, with a housing protected from dust and moisture – ingress protection is IP67. Mechanical stability parameter is category N3 acc. to GOST 12997-84.

Design description and functions

RISUR-100 is a mono-block construction consisting of:

a housing and a lid with a translucent window for light indication;

  • electronic unit of the transducer, located inside the housing;
  • a nozzle or a flange for connection to the controlled objects (capacity, pipe, bypass chamber, tank, rail tank, storage reservoir);
  • measuring probe (wire rope, rod, coaxial).

It’s possible to connect one or two cable glands.

Operating principle is based on the electronic unit transforming the probe capacity into the current output signal 4…20 mA or a relay output signal that switches contacts.

Dimensional specifications

Габаритные размеры РИЗУР-100

Housing material aluminum alloy;
stainless steel
Explosion protection marking 1ExiaIICT6X;
without explosion protection
Ingress protection IP67/IP68
Supply voltage 230 V
12... 30 V DC
Output signal 4-20mA, analogue;
quantized output
Pressure up to 0,6 MPa
up to 2,5 MPa
up to 1,6 MPa
up to 4 MPa
up to 6 MPa
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