Capacitive relay sensor RIZUR-100

RIZUR-100 is a universal device used as a capacitive relay sensor that measures different levels or, similar to a level switch, control points. The first design variant is for the maintaining, regulating and controlling the level of conductive and non-conductive media - liquids, cohesive products, free-flowing substances, and granulated media. It can also alert when the set limits are reached. The second design version is used for the continuous level measurement of liquids and cohesive products.

Intended use and field of application

Capacitive relay sensor and level meter RIZUR-100 can be used in the oil refining, food, chemical, metal, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and other branches of the industry where efficient control, moderation and coordination of the technology processes are essential.

RIZUR-100 are used in mild and frigid climate, in the temperature range of -60 to +40 °С, vibration-and shake-proof, with a housing protected from the ingress of dust and moisture.

The devices comply with GOST standards:

  • Design variant UHL, placement category 2 acc. to GOST 15150-69;
  • Ingress protection acc. to GOST 14254-96;
  • Mechanical stability, category N3 acc. to GOST 12997-84.

Special intrinsically safe variant of RIZUR-100 can be used in hazardous areas. (RIZUR-100C).

Design description and functions

RIZUR-100 consists of a primary capacitive transducer with a probe; depending on the customer's requirements, there can be 1 or 2 primary transducers and a transmission transducer.

Primary transducer with a probe consists of a cast body, with a cable gland for connection to the transmission transducer, a removable lid, and an electronic unit, mounted onto the plate and fasted to the housing.

Transmission transducer also consists of a housing (plastic) with a removable lid, cable glands, and plates that support an electronic module.

RIZUR-100-E is a capacitive level switch (it transforms all the changes in capacity of the probe that are proportional to the change of the measured medium level into an output signal). LED indicator is used to signalize when the measured medium has reached the set limits. 

RIZUR-100-U - a level switch that produces a discrete signal when the amount of the measured media reaches a previously set limit. 

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