Sight flow indicator RIZUR-VIP-1

Sight flow indicators RIZUR-VIP-1 have the following variants of process connection: thread (female or male), flange, for welding. Indicators of this series can have an impeller, a flap or just an observation window.

RIZUR-VIP-1 – is a sight flow indicator with flange, thread or welded process connection. They are used at facilities that require visual control of the operating media. This design variant is manufactured with the diameter requested by the Customer. They are used for pressure of 1.6 MPa, 2,5 MPa, 4,0 MPa. NPO RIZUR also offers customized design variants of RIZUR-VIP-1 that operate with pressure of 6,3 MPa, 10,0 MPa, 16,0 MPa and temperature of +500°C.

Sight flow indicator has a housing made of the following materials:

  • stainless steel 03Х16Н15М3 (an analogue of AISI 316L),
  • stainless steel 08Х17Н13М2 (an analogue of AISI 316),
  • stainless steel 08Х18Н10 (an analogue of AISI 304),
  • brass,
  • carbon steel.

The housing of the indicator has an observation window that allows visual control of the flow. In order to achieve greater flow visibility RIZUR-VIP-1 is completed with additional options, such as an impeller (rotary table) or a flap (vane). When the measured media passes through, the impeller starts to turn and the flap - to move back – this allows visual control of low-speed flows and media movement from a distance.

RIZUR-VIP-1 sight flow meter can also have a scale and observation window backlighting.

Graphite or ftoroplast insulation makes the indicator completely sealed. Material choice for insulation depends on the conditions of the technological process. Ftoroplast is used with operating media temperatures of up to +260 °C. Graphite is chosen with the measured media temperature up to +500 °C.

OOO “NPO RIZUR” designs and manufactures sight flow indicators RIZUR-VIP-1 of any non-standard configurations, including tee-typed and angled variants, made in accordance with the technical requirements of the Customer.


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Stainless steel 03Х16Н15М3 (an analogue of AISI 316L)
Stainless steel 08Х17Н13М2 (an analogue of AISI 316)
Stainless steel 08Х18Н10 (an analogue of AISI 304)
Carbon steel
Observation window
Tempered glass (+150 °С, 1,6 MPa)
Borosilicate glass (+280 °С, 16 MPa)
Vitreous silica glass (+500 °С, 16 MPa)
Graphite  (+500 °С)
PTFE  (+260 °С)
Inside nominal diameter
DN 15 - DN 200
DN 250 and more (upon an agreement with the manufacturer)
Process connection
For welding
Flange acc. GOST, DIN, ASNI
Maximum process temperature
+150 °С
+280 °С 
+500 °С (upon an agreement with the manufacturer)
Maximum pressure
1,6 MPa
2,5 MPa
4,0 MPa
6,3 MPa (on request)
10,0 MPa (on request)
16,0 MPa (on request)
PTFE (+260°С) 
Stainless steel 08Х17Н13М2  (an analogue of SS316L)
Flow direction
Indicated with an arrow
Observation window backlighting
Warranty period
12 months
Customized version
It's possible to manufacture any non-standard versions in accordance with the Customer's technical requirements




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