Soft enclosures RIZUR for euro pallets, roll-boxes

Soft enclosures RIZUR for the transportation (heat insulated soft enclosures for bolsters and pallets) are designed for the shipment of food products, medical and pharmacological products, chemicals and other materials and goods that require temperature control.

Standard design variant:

  • inner and outer layers are made of tent PVC-fabric (it's possible to use tarpauling instead for cost reduction of the finished product) 
  • insulation made of  polyethylene foam, 10 mm. (on request it's possible to make it 15mm, 20mm, or use polyester fiber instead)

Different materials can be used on request, depending on required thermo-resistance from -60 to + 260°С. 

Soft enclosures.jpg

When ordering soft enclosures, please specify the following parameters:

Item Q-ty

Soft enclosure RIZUR for trays H*W*D(1200 * 800 * 600)

  • PVC + polyethylene foam
  • operational temperature -60 ... +70 
  • transparent cover for documents size А4  
  • sewn on logo or other information (specified at the time of order) 
  • other information is available on request
1 pce  
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