Enclosures and protective sunshades

Enclosures, protective sunshades, and Container units (shelters) RIZURBOX are manufactured by NPO RIZUR since 2005. Our operational resources allow us to perform the full production cycle: designing, engineering, and realization of the enclosures, sunshades and block-boxes. Each production stage is controlled by the quality division of the NPO RIZUR.

RIZURBOX equipment is a multifunctional universal solution used at industrial objects, including those in the hazardous explosion areas, with different climatic conditions for ensuring steady operation of the installed equipment, its protection against environmental impacts and unauthorized access (to the enclosures and block-boxes).

Enclosures, protective sunshades, and container units RIZURBOX are manufactured from metal and fiberglass. Container units have panels and insulators made of inflammable materials.

NPO RIZUR also provides packaged solutions – enclosures complete with the required equipment.

Average service life of the RZIURBOX enclosures is at least 15 years, protective sunshades – 10 years, block-box – 10-15 years. Enclosures, protective sunshades, and container units RIZURBOX are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents composed in the company, comply with the international standard ISO 9001, and have all the necessary certification.

NPO RIZUR manufactures enclosures with nano-coating that provides stable antistatic protection. 

Watch application examples of fiberglass enclosures RizurBOX-C complete with instrumentation and control in section Video

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