Textile safety shields

Textile safety shields for flange connections RIZUR-F-KZR-T and RIZUR-F-KZZ are manufactured:

  • with insulation (RIZUR-F-KZR-T) and without insulation (RIZUR-F-KZZ);

  • from PVC fabric, fiberglass fabric with a silicone or ftoroplast coating (the choice of material depends on the Customer’s requirements and the parameters of the technological process).

RIZUR-F-KZR-T safety shields are designed for protection against spillage of hazardous chemical and high-temperature liquids. Textile safety shields RIZUR-F-KZZ are also used for prevention of spillage, personnel protection against heat injuries, decrease in heat loss.

Textile safety shields are used at pipelines transporting high temperature hazardous media and liquid chemicals.

Textile safety shields are installed onto the pipeline flanges and fittings.

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