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The core business of “NPO RIZUR” from its creation in 1997 is the production of explosion-proof equipment and instruments as well as integrated supply activity of EC&I equipment.

Our production is designed for developing integrated solutions in the field of technological process automation in all of the branches of the industry: energetics, mechanic engineering, food industry, chemical, oil-and-gas, and metallurgical industries.

Today, we look into the future with great confidence. Our customers’ trust is based on the confidence in our employees’ operational excellence coupled with our own high-quality production and stable business relations with leading manufacturers of EC&I equipment in Russia and neighboring CIS countries. Amongst our credible partners - Fuji Electric (Japan), Seetru (Great Britain), and KOBOLD (Germany).


Equipment, manufactured by “NPO RIZUR”, allows to successfully achieve set objectives, improve efficiency, cut expenses, and raise the level of energy conservation.

Today, our company is in a good position, and in some spheres established itself as a leading choice on the Russian market in the field of production and delivery of broad spectrum of equipment:

Our products meet all of the current market requirements as well as the ones set by regulatory documents, have all the necessary certificates for their implementation at hazardous production facilities.

Wide range of equipment of various purposes helps us find the most efficient technical solutions for each customer taking into account their needs, financial possibilities, and required delivery times.

The history of production development:

From the year 2003, we manufacture equipment on our own production. Over the last years, our production facilities have been expanding and modernizing for the growth in production and introduction of new products.

Year 2003.
Production launch of  explosion-proof heaters OShA-R, OUR

Year 2005
Production launch of soft enclosures for covering and heating the equipment

Year 2009.
Opening of a new manufacturing facility, production launch of the following equipment:

Year 2013
Opening of metal-working production section helped to start mass production of the metal enclosures “RizurBox” ,and set-up self-production of metal goods.

Year 2014
The start of mass production of ultrasonic level switches RIZUR-900 and bypass magnetic level gauge RIZUR-NBK, as well as protection systems for flange connections (protective textile and metal pipeline casings)

Year 2016
Production launch of the following equipment:

Partnership with «RIZUR» provides undeniable advantages for our customers:

  • An extensive assortment of delivered equipment that helps to solve a wide range of tasks

  • Delivery of state-of-the-art devices and equipment for modernization of the current processes and automatization of the new productions

  • Advanced level, control, and automatization equipment from the leading home and foreign manufacturers

  • High performance of the delivered goods and EC&I equipment
  • High-quality certified equipment at affordable prices

  • The service package of delivery and maintenance of the equipment, as well as technical support in project design and commissioning works

  • Delivery of spare parts as soon as is practicable

  • High level of uninterrupted supply organization to all parts of the country

  • On-time delivery of the goods by the company’s transport

  • Up-to-date information on the product range and expert advice from specialists for the rational solution of all your tasks

While working with equipment from other manufacturers that we deal for, we constantly improve our specialists’ professional skills – that allows our employees to provide a high level of support maintenance service. The expertise of our employees and thorough knowledge of the current EC&I market help us to select the best possible equipment and successfully complete all of the set tasks.

In their work, our employees are guided by the provisions of the Ethics Code and comply with the principles of business ethics. We take up a steady position on the market, participate on a regular basis in exhibitions and pay attention to such aspects as charity and promotion of sports and tourism. We constantly expand our product range and aim for the creation of the most possible convenient conditions for the mutually beneficial with our partners and customers.

NPO «RIZUR» – perfectly accurate!

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