Non-contact ultrasonic level meter RIZUR-2090

Device from the last-generation of non-contact radar level transmitters of RIZUR-2090 series. RIZUR-2090 – is an ultrasonic non-contact level meter designed for of liquids and solids level in open or closed reservoirs, including those under pressure, located at the technological facilities of industrial objects in chemical, petrochemical, medical, food, and other branches of the industry. RIZUR-2090 can also be used as an indicator of presence/absence of liquids in the controlled volume at a previously set level.


Conformity certificate of the Customs Union TC RU C-RU.ME92.B.00482

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Intended use and application area

Level meter can be used in automatic control, adjustment, and managing systems for the technological processes, in cleaning and filtering systems, reservoirs for draining materials, cooling and lubricating liquids.  

RIZUR-2090 is designed for measurement and control of the following media levels: draining and polluted waters, petroleum products, viscous and adhesive compositions, petroleum and petroleum cuts, water and other liquids, as well as solid particles grains, gravel, etc.

Level meter is unaffected by the turbulent currents, resistant to changes in density, conductivity, and temperature of the controlled media, as well as electromagnetic fields and vibrations. 

Устройство и принцип работы

The ultrasonic level metering technology is based on the principle that the energy transducer (the sensor) emits an ultrasonic pulse train, receives and selects some echoes reflected from the medium surface and then converts them into electronic signals.
The ultrasonic pulse travels at the speed of sound, and the time interval between emitting and receiving the signal is in proportion to the distance between the sensor and the medium surface. The
formula connecting the distance S, sound speed C and the transmitting time T is as following:
The overlapping of the emitting and reflecting pulse within an area close to the sensor can not be identified and measured due to the limit width of the emitting ultrasonic pulse, the area is called
Dead Zone. The distance of the dead zone is associated with the working frequency of the ultrasonic level transmitter.

Конструктивно РИЗУР-2000 представляет собой моноблок - первичный преобразователь совмещен с электронным блоком. Корпус и крышка, изготовлены из алюминиевого сплава методом литья. Под крышкой размещены зажимы для присоединения кабеля, который вводится в корпус через кабельный ввод. На корпусе сигнализатора находится светодиодный индикатор, индицирующий состояние контролируемой среды. На корпусе находится светодиодный индикатор, светящийся зеленым цветом, когда отражающиеся от линии раздела сред акустические волны находятся в измеряемом диапазоне изменения уровня контролируемой среды.

Если в указанном диапазоне сигналы отсутствуют, то загорается красный светодиод. Подробнее Скрыть
Housing material aluminium
Antenna material PA66+GF30 or PVDF
Measured media temperature, °С -40... +70
Measured media pressure, MPa -0.02MPa - 0.1MPa
Ambient temperature, °С 40... +75 (-70 ... +75 with a soft enclosure)
Frequency, kHz 50, 40, 28
Non-measured level from the bottom part of the antenna («dead area»), m 0,25* (is agreed upon at order time)
Measuring range, m With standard probe: 0.4m - 5m for liquids/ 0.5m - 2m for solids

With anti-corrosive sealed probe: 0.5 - 4m for liquids/ 0.5 - 1.5m for solids.
Process connection thread or flange
Output signal 4 - 20 mA/ HART (24 V DC two wires/ four wires)
4 – 20 mA/ HART (220V AC for four wires)
RS485/ MODBUS (6 – 24 V DC)
Accuracy, mm ±0.25% of full range
Ingress protection IP65/IP66/IP67
Explosion protection marking Ex ia IIB T6 Ga
without explosion protection
Power supply 24 V DC
Mounting position vertical

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