LED lighting

LED lights

Explosion-proof industrial, trade, office, and street LED lights RIZUR-LIGHT are designed for illumination of different kinds of objects.

Explosion-proof LED lights are used for the illumination of the facilities, manufacturing departments, and open spaces, including those located in the hazardous areas. They are used in the oil&gas, chemical, metallurgical, and other branches of the industry.

Industrial, office, trade, and street lights RIZUR-LIGHT are used for the illumination of the public facilities, office and living spaces, as well as places with high ceilings, outdoor illumination of highways and areas of different purposes. They are used at the manufacturing facilities, factories, warehouses, city and private street areas.

Since 2014 due to the operating resources NPO RIZUR has launched series production of the explosion-proof, industrial, trade, office, and street LED lights RIZUR-LIGHT. Each production stage is controlled by the quality division of NPO RIZUR. Engineering developments are constantly upgraded. It’s possible to manufacture standard versions of the LED lights, as well as customized ones based on the Customer’s technical requirements.

Explosion-proof, industrial, trade, office and street LED lights are manufactured in accordance with the regulatory documents, developed at the Company, have all the necessary certification and comply with the international standards ISO-9001.

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