LED lighting

Explosion-proof LED lights RIZUR-LIGHT are used for lighting production spaces, manufacturing workshops, outside areas, including those in explosion-hazardous areas. The housing prevents gas, dust or explosion-hazardous vapors from getting inside the light. These LED lights are designed for use in metallurgical and other branches of the industry with explosion-hazardous areas.

Since 2014 NPO RIZUR has a series production of explosion-proof and industrial LED lights RIZUR-LIGHT. Modernization of manufactured equipment is carried out on a regular basis. It’s possible to manufacture standard variants of LED lights as well as customized versions that comply with the customer’s requirements. Thanks to our operational resources, RIZUR specialists can conduct the whole range of actions on engineering, manufacturing, and realization of LED lights. Each working stage is controlled by the quality division of NPO RIZUR.

Explosion-proof LED lights as well as industrial grade lights RIZUR-LIGHT are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents composed at the Company, have all the necessary certification and comply with the international ISO 9001.

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