Soft enclosure for flange connections

Soft enclosures for flange joints are manufactured in accordance with TU-3442-001-12189681-2014. They are mounted onto the flange joints of the pipelines, gate valves, and other pipeline valve equipment. These soft enclosures are designed for transportation of chemically aggressive high-temperature media and high-pressure media.

Soft enclosures RIZUR for flange joints are designed for the improvement in the industrial safety level, as they protect the personnel and equipment, as well as the environment, from the consequences of the emergency spillage and seepage of the pumped fluid or the depressurization of the flange joints.

Apart from that, they protect the flange joints themselves from the negative environment impacts, thus prolonging their service life.

Soft enclosures for flange joints RIZUR are used in the pipelines transporting media at high temperatures. 

Its intended use is to protect personnel from high-temperatures hazardous impacts (burn injuries) and spillage of hazardous media, as well as to reduce heat loss. Soft enclosures for flange joints RIZUR are manufactured in a "sandwich" design that includes an external coating, a thermal insulator, and an internal coating. Soft enclosures for flange joints RIZUR  can be made of different materials depending on the peculiarities of the technological process and the customer's requirements.

Distinctive features:

  • energy loss reduction up to 95%;
  • high breaking load;
  • low cost
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