Pre-insulated impulse tubes and tubing bundles

Impulse tubes and tubing bundles RizurPak are a safe solution when working with process lines of small diameter, sample lines and impulse tubes in adverse climate and operating conditions. Their performance is excellent when there’s condensation, freezing, equipment failure, and liquid viscosity increase caused by low temperatures.

Pre-insulated impulse tubes and tubing bundles RIZURPAK are used at facilities in various branches of the industry: oil-refining, oil&gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc.

Application areas of the pre-insulated impulse tubes and tubing bundles are the following:

  • Process lines (steam supply, water purification, chemicals dosing, condensate recycling);

  • Impulse tubes (controllers, flow sensors, level and pressure transmitters);

  • Sampling lines (chromatographs, emission monitoring, analyzers).

Manufacturing resources of NPO RIZUR allow us to conduct the full circle of actions on calculating, engineering, and creating technical solutions to prevent freezing, condensation, liquid viscosity increase in process pipes of small diameter caused by low temperatures.

Standard materials:

  • Stainless steel

  • Copper

  • Copper alloys

  • Teflon and other materials depending on the operation conditions.

Types of pre-insulated impulse tubes RIZURPAK:


Pre-insulated tubing bundle with an electric tracer. It’s used for protection against freezing and for temperature maintenance in the process and impulse lines, as well as for sampling and delivery of the media to the analyzers, chromatographs, etc.


Pre-insulated tubing bundles with light or heavy steam tracer. It’s used for protection against freezing and temperature maintenance in the process and impulse lines with flow sensors, pressure and level transmitters, controllers, etc.


One pre-insulated impulse tube resistant to climatic effects. It’s used with process lines for recirculation of the condensate, steam supply, water purification, chemicals dosing.

RIZURPAK series is manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements, international standard ISO 9001, and has all the necessary certificates.

Application areas:

Impulse tubes of the sensors 

Bleed-off/medium delivery lines  

Process lines (RIZURPAK-S)

  • gauge pressure transmitter
  • differential pressure transmitter
  • flowmeters based on the pressure difference
  • hydrostatic pressure(level) sensors
  • gauge pressure switch
  • analyzers
  • chromatography recorders
  • air-pressure line
  • steam supply
  • condensate recirculation
  • water purification
  • chemical dosing
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