Pre-insulated impulse lines and tubing bundles

Heat-insulating impulse lines (pre-insulated heated tubing bundles) are used for the propagation of pressure and level values to the measuring equipment in cases, when it’s necessary to protect the measured medium in the pipes against freezing or to heat and maintain the necessary temperature. Tubing bundle RizurPak is mostly used in the analytic systems as delivery lines for the samples transferred from the sampling points to the analyzer house. 

The coating used is resistant to the aggressive chemicals, it retains its properties in the wide range of the process temperatures. Under the outer coating there’s an insulating material that lessens the heat loss, and, as a result, protects the personnel against thermal injuries. 

It solves the problem of freezing, surpassing the dew point, personnel protection, condensation, and viscosity fluctuation

The main problems connected with the usage of bundles of small diameter (impulse and analytical bundles) are freezing or over-heating the viscosity increase, condensation, incorrect temperature maintained. Properly designed, chosen and pre-insulated tubes and tubing bundles are an effective solution for this problem. 

Economic benefits by comparison with the production on site

RizurPak does not require technical maintenance and ensures time and money saving during the mounting while also ensuring the consistent quality and the correctness of the installation.  For the installation, one only needs to measure and cut the necessary length, form it in a suitable way, connect the tubes to the sensors and the heating cable to the junction box.

In comparison with the traditional installation methods – when the tubes are mounted apart from the heating cables that are installed later with the heat-insulation and moisture protection – which takes a lot of time and makes it harder to control the quality of the finished product – the advantages of the RizurPak systems are obvious.

RizurPak system makes the mounting process easier by turning it into an easy sequence of operations with a logical result. Pre-insulated impulse tubes and tube bundles RizurPak are fully engineered and ready-to-install solutions.

Main types of the pre-insulated bundling tubes (insulated impulse lines also called heating tubes):

•    One pre-insulated line RizurPak-S meant mainly for the steam supply and recirculation of the condensate 

•    Lines with a stream tracer, RizurPak-L, and RizurPak-N for protection against freezing and maintenance of the set temperature

•    Lines with an electric tracer RizurPak-E for protection against freezing and maintenance of the set temperature

Pre-insulated tubes RizurPak can be used as a packaged solution on mounting and equipment protection. NPO RIZUR offers complex systems providing protection and heating of the equipment and impulse tubes that are based on the home equipment (enclosures, soft enclosures, heaters).

For the personnel protection or decrease in the heat loss (if the medium has high temperature and there’s no need for the heating) it’s recommended to use S-LINE. The standard examples of their usage are steam supply and recirculation of the condensate, supply conduit of the chemical additives, etc.

Field of application:

Impulse lines of the sensors 
(RizurPak-E, -H, - L)

Bleed-off/medium delivery lines  

Technological lines (RizurPak-S)

  • gauge pressure transmitter
  • differential pressure transmitter
  • flowmeters based on the pressure difference
  • hydrostatic pressure(level) sensors
  • gauge pressure switch
  • analyzers
  • chromatography recorders
  • air-pressure line
  • steam supply
  • condensate recirculation
  • water purification
  • chemical dosing
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