Safety shields for flange joints

Since 2014, NPO RIZUR has started series production of the safety shields for the flange joints. Due to the operation resources of NPO RIZUR, we are able to perform the whole range of actions – engineering, production, and realization of products. Each working stage is controlled by the quality department of “NPO RIZUR”. The engineering developments are constantly perfected.

Safety shields are a universal variant for thermal insulation, as well as personnel and equipment protection against spillage of the hazardous chemical agents. They are mounted onto the vessels, pumps, pipelines, pipe and shut-off valves.

Safety shields for the flange joints RIZUR-F-KZ are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the normative technical documents, developed in the company. They have all the necessary certificates and comply with the international standards ISO-9001. It’s possible to manufacture standard safety shields, as well as customized ones, created on a basis of the customer’s technical requirements and general assembly drawings. 

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