Flow indicators, valves and accessories

Flow indicators RIZUR-VIP are simple and reliable equipment used for monitoring direction, presence or absence of liquid, transparent, semi-transparent, coloured, gaseous media. They are used in steam- and pipelines, in factories and plants in the oil-refining, chemical, food, pulp and paper, and other branches of the industry.

Visual flow indicators RIZUR-VIP help perform quality, quantity and density (consistency) of liquids, gas, and hazardous media in the system.

Flow indicators consist of:

·         housing (can be manufactured from: stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, cast iron);

·         an observation window made from tempered, borosilicate or quartz glass.

The housing has an observation window with one of the elements reacting to the flow inside. Detection of the controlled medium and flow visibility at a distance is ensured by a flap (vane), an impeller (rotary table) or balls. Accordingly, when the medium passes the flow, the impeller starts to turn, the valve gate – to move back, and the balls – to move around.

An observation window allows for visual two-way control of the medium: its level, colour, density, and presence of contamination.

Flow indicators RIZUR-VIP are characterized by mechanisms inside the glass, process connection, design variants of the housing.

Advantages of RIZUR-VIP:

·         observation windows with large observation area

·         usage of high-quality durable glass

·         absence of moving parts

·         control of coloured and contaminated liquids.

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