Electric thermomat RIZUR-TM for concrete and soil heating

Electric thermomat RIZUR-TM is an electric automatic cover sheets with water-proof inflammable PVC coating. Thermomats are used for process acceleration and optimization, decrease in expenses, and cutting down time required for heating concrete, concrete constructions, stone masonry, and soil even in negative temperatures. 

Electric thermomats RIZUR-TM are used at:

  • civil and industrial engineering,

  • concrete products plants,

  • housing and Utility Infrastructure,

  • highway engineering.

ThermoElectroMat consists of the heating infrared film, heating flexible plates, connected to each other with a cable, and heat-reflecting & heat-insulating layer of Tepofol. Surface is made of waterproof coating. Thermomats are completely hermetical which allows them to be used in adverse conditions.

Infrared film creates directional heat flow, the radiation ensures deep homogeneous heating of the concrete or soil.

It’s necessary to put film onto the heated surface before using the thermoelectric mat, then place the thermomat on top and connect it to the 220V supply network. It’s essential to ensure firm adherence of the thermoelectric mat in the heated area. Thermal energy radiation will start almost immediately after plugging in. 

Main rules for operation of electric thermomats RIZUR-TM:

Ensure firm adherence of the thermoelectric mat in the heated area.

The thermomats can only be bent along the lines.

Surface damage to the thermomats by heavy or sharp objects is prohibited. 

Thermoelectric mats can be manufactured of any required sizes. Maximum length of the thermomat is 14 meters. It should be taken into account that the most effective heating can be performed with the product’s length being up to 6 meters.

Thermoelectric mats manufactured by NPO RIZUR have grummets for connecting the mats with each other, hanging them vertically or attaching to the surfaces.

Supply voltage      220 V
Powe consumed    300-500 W/m2
Maximum heating temperature + 70 °С
Surface temperature + 40 °С
Ambient air temperature - 40 °С ... + 40 °С
Relative humidity up to 100 % 
Thickness       12-15 mm
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