Compact explosion-proof heaters RIZUR-TERM-MINI-BLOCK have unconventional design and are manufactured in several variants that differ in modification and housing size. The heaters are designed for protection against freezing of electric and electronic components, preventing condensation and corrosion, as well as for maintaining the set air temperature. RIZUR-TERM-MINI-BLOCK are also used for heating of the valve blocks and pressure sensors.

Intended use and application area

Explosion protected heaters RIZUR-TERM-MINI-BLOCK manufactured by NPO RIZUR depending on configuration, comply with GOST R MEK 60079-0-2011, GOST IEC 60079-1- 2011 for electric equipment with explosion protection “explosion-proof enclosure(d)” and to GOST R MEK 60079-18-2012 for “compound sealing(m)”.

RIZUR-TERM-MINI-BLOCK heaters are used in both explosion-hazardous and explosion-proof areas of inside and outside facilities for heating the following equipment:

  • shut-off valves,
  • enclosures for equipment,
  • automation control cabinet,
  • devices and apparatus,
  • telecommunication and switchgear cabinets,
  • various safety shields and boxes.

Unconventional design and compactness of these heaters allow to use them in places where the equipment is located in an unusual way that leaves no space for the standard heaters.

Dimensional specifications, 
30х30хL, mm

Power, W

Temperature of the heater's surface*, С°



max. 130



max. 130



max. 130

*this temperature is measured at the ambient temperature 20°С.



Heaters RIZUR-TERM-MINI-BLOCK with the following types of fastening are used for heating of the shut-off valves (manifolds, valve blocks, ball, butterfly, and sluice valves, etc.) and measuring equipment in order to ensure the biggest possible contacting area with the pipeline elements and to create the required micro-climate for steady operation of equipment.

Fastening variants for RIZUR-TERM-MINI-BLOCK:

term-mini-kr1.png term-mini-kr2.png term-mini-kr3.png
терм мини7U-образный кронштейн.png терм мини8дистанционные стойки.png

RIZUR-TERM-MINI-BLOCK have a high-class over-heating protection and power surges. They are characterized by their steady operation and enhanced reliability in the field environment.

The warranty period for the heaters is 36 months, average service life – over 15 years.

Design description

Structurally, the heater is designed as a compact specialized radiator, manufactured from aluminium alloy, stainless steel or brass. Specially designed profile form ensures the best heat transfer. Inside the radiator there’s a super-reliable ceramic electric heating element – PTC (positive temperature coefficient thermistor) that doesn’t require over-heating protection but doesn’t substitute the use of thermostat for temperature control.

Explosion protection of the heater is achieved with the explosion-proof housing. There’s also a special design variant of the RIZUR-TERM-MINI-BLOCK heater with the electric heating element and other elements in the metal housing sealed with a sealing compound. Protection from surface overheating is ensured by the area size of the outer surface, corresponding to the nominal power of heat generation, as well as (optional) by an added temperature sensor (analogue or digital, depending on specific versions) to switch off at a set maximum temperature.

The area of the outside surface, corresponding to the nominal power of heat generation, together (optional) with temperature sensor (bimetallic or digital, depending on the design variant) with a switch set within the chosen temperature limits ensure overheat protection of the surface.

The precise calculation during the designing stage and usage of high-quality components allows us to provide a 10-year warranty for the heaters of this series. All the heaters are supplied together with the mounting elements.

Technical specifications

Installation area General industrial areas
Explosion hazard zones V-1а and V-1g acc. to Electrical installation code (PUE), Ch. 7.3
Housing material aluminium shape, anodized
stainless steel
Explosion protection marking Ex d IIC(T3…T6) Gb X
Ex mb IIC(T3…T6) Gb X
Heating element capacity 10…35 W
15…35 W
20…35 W
Power supply voltage  24(±15%) V
230(±15%) V
Ingress protection IP54 acc. to GOST 14254-96
IP67 acc. to GOST 14254-96
IP68 acc. to GOST 14254-96
Insulation strength min. 1500 V
Insulation resistance min. 20 MOhm
Warranty period 24 months
Average operation time over 10 years

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