Ultrasonic level switch RIZUR-900

Ultrasonic level switches RIZUR-900 are designed to control the level of liquids in open or closed tanks, including the ones under pressure, in processing units at industrial facilities of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It can also be used as an indicator of liquid presence/absence at a predetermined height of the tank.

Controlled media: water, petroleum products, oils and other liquids. The level switches can be used in systems of automatic control, regulation and management of technological objects, or in other automation units. Also it can be used in cleaning and filtering systems, in vessels or tanks with cooling and lubricating liquids, in pump protection systems, as well as in the food industry in contact with food products.

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When the controlled medium reaches the specified level the level switch generates different types of signal - «dry contact», «current loop», «NAMUR». The ultrasonic level switch operation is not affected by turbulent flows, foam and external vibrations. Level switch RIZUR-900 has increased reliability.

Level switches RIZUR-900 are unique in price and quality as an alternative to the outdated level control relays, e.g. ROS 101(I), ROS 102(I), UZS, ROS-400, ROS-501(I), etc., and expensive foreign level switches, e.g., VEGASWING, Liquiphant, SITRANS, Optiswitch and other float, electrocontact, vibrating and optical switches.


Design and operating principle

Level switch measuring principle is based on determination of acoustic impulses dampening in
the sensor, which is significantly increased when the sensor is immersed into the controlled medium.
The housing and the lid are made of cast aluminium alloy (the housing can be made of stainless steel if requested). Under the lid, there are clamps for the cable inserted into the housing through the cable gland. There's a LED indicator on the switch housing to show the state of the controlled medium and the equipment's state of health.
The level switch RIZUR-900 has a sensor made of a tube with a diameter of 16...20mm. The piezoelectric transducer is located close to the housing and generates and receives ultrasonic impulses.
The level switch RIZUR-900 of 2019 model year has a self-diagnosis function for the electronics and sensor, as well as the function of sensor pollution control, which makes it possible to get information about possible further switch malfunctioning and take measures to clean the sensor in the case of operation in dirty (adhering) liquids. This option is available only in model RIZUR-901 (one control point). The switch is equipped with two relay output signals in the «dry contact» version. In SPDT mode, one relay is activated by the liquid level, and the second - by the presence of adhesion, the presence of self-diagnosis errors or power failure. In DPDT mode both relays are activated by liquid level. In both modes, the presence of adhesion is indicated by a LED indicator light signals.
There is a control point on the housing of the level switch. If one places a magnet close to the control point than the self-diagnosis is activated and it is possible to start the level switch adjustment.

In accordance with the instruction manual it is possible to carry out the following settings with
the help of a magnet:
• changing the switch delay time
• output signal inversion
• switch sensitivity mode selection
• activation/deactivation of the adhesion control mode and selection of response level
• calibration of the sensor «dry» and«wet» state
One ultrasonic level switch can control up to 8 points of liquid level. Maximum rod sensor length - 6000mm, flexible sensor length - up to 20m. Vibration, foam and suspended solids do not influence level switch operation.
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Medium temperature,°С -196...+500
Process pressure, MPa 6,0; 10,0; 16,0; 25,0; 35,0; 45,0
Medium viscosity, Pa·c up to 10
Minimum medium density, kg/m³
Accuracy, no more than ... mm 2
Number of controlled level points up to 8
Time delay, ... sec. 0,3; 1,0; 3,0; 10,0; 30,0
Supply voltage, DC 24 V or acc. to «NAMUR»
Current consumption,  no more than ... mA
Ambient temperature, °С -55…+60 (the range can be extended up to -63 … +80 on request)
Ingress protection IP67 (IP68 on request)
Explosion protection marking OExiallC Т6Х, lExdllC Т6Х, without ex-protection
Installation position any kind
Materials in contact with the media 12Х18Н10Т (or different, on request))
Number of cable glands 1 or 2 (chosen at order time)
Average operation time, years 20

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