Level measurement and control

Level switches and relay sensors, level meters, bypass magnetic level gauge – equipment required for operating processes in different branches of industry. Measurement and control of liquids or solids level is performed in the measured media inside the tanks and process units and allows conducting control and measurement of the quantity and weight as well as monitor the condition of the measured media.

NPO RIZUR specializes on designing and manufacturing control and measurement equipment. The devices are different on the operating principles, measurement methods and application areas. Level meters and switches are used for level control automatization in industrial equipment. Level switches and relay sensors are used for level control.

Our operation resources allow us to perform the whole range of actions on the engineering, manufacturing, and realization of this type of equipment. Each production stage is controlled by the quality division of the Company. Product design developments are constantly being improved. It’s possible to manufacture both standard versions of the equipment and customized versions, based on the technical requirements and general assembly drawings of the Customer.

Level switches and relay sensors, level meters and bypass level magnetic level gauges are manufactured in accordance with the regulatory documents developed in the Company, they comply with the international standards ISO-9001 and have all the necessary certifications.

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