Heaters, heating cable, thermoregulators

NPO RIZUR has a wide range of explosion-proof equipment for heating, temperature maintenance, protection against freezing of installations and devices located in the hazardous explosive areas. Since 2003 there’s a series production of RIZUR-OSHA-R and RIZUR-OUR heaters. Since 2009 we’ve launched into production digital control systems for the heaters – thermoregulators RIZUR-TB and RIZUR-DCS, since 2014 – explosion-proof heating sections RIZUR on the base of self-regulating heating cable RIZUR-SGL.

Since 2016 we manufacture explosion-proof heaters of high and low power RIZUR-TERM. The equipment listed above has several design variants depending on parameters of the particular operating conditions.

Our operating resources allow us to perform the whole range of actions on the engineering, manufacturing, and realization of heating equipment in the explosion hazardous areas of inside and outside facilities. Each production stage is controlled by the quality division of NPO RIZUR. It’s possible to manufacture standard versions of the equipment as well as customized ones, based on the technical requirements and general assembly drawings of the Customer.

Explosion-proof heaters, thermoregulators, heating sections and heating cable are manufactured by NPO RIZUR in accordance with the regulatory documents developed at the Company, they comply with the GOST R and ISO 9001 standards and have all the necessary certification.  

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