Reinforced fiberglass enclosures

Proven skills of the engineering department, as well as the most high-technology production facility, allow OOO "NPO RIZUR" to manufacture reinforced fiberglass enclosures of practically any form, dimensions, and configuration. If the Customer can't find a suitable enclosure in the list of standard design variants, NPO RIZUR will design and manufacture a customized design variant of the enclosure in accordance with the operational conditions, dimensional specifications, and other Customer's requirements.

Reinforced fiberglass enclosures RIZURBOX-C are used in both indoor and outdoor facilities and are designed for the placement of the control and measurement equipment such as level meters, flow meters, pressure sensors, etc. The housing is manufactured of the base of polyester resins and glass-reinforced materials. There’re several types of enclosure sets: Basic, Standard, System, Complete.

The enclosures are manufactured in different variants: with/without an observation window, with different types of fastening, diagonally opening enclosures, diagonally opening with a tray, classical opening enclosures, MULTY and CASE variants, modular enclosures, enclosures with one or two doors,  horizontally/vertically split enclosures, customized ones – of different dimensions and configuration in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.

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