Metal safety shields

Metal safety shields for flange connections RIZUR-F-KZR and RIZUR-F-KZA are manufactured:

  • with insulation (RIZUR-F-KZR) and without insulation (RIUR-F-KZA);

  • from stainless, galvanized, carbon, and other types of steel (choice of material depends on the Customer’s requirements and parameters of the technological process);

  • with a nozzle and a flexible hose for the emergency draining.

The safety shields RIZUR-F-KZR are designed for protection against spillage of hazardous chemical and high-temperature liquids. Metal safety shields RIZUR-F-KZA are used for prevention of unauthorized access to the flange connections and plugs. The safety shields also have locks as a safety feature.

Metal safety shields are used at pipelines transporting high-temperature hazardous media.

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