Fittings and accessories

OOO NPO RIZUR supplies fittings and accessories for different application areas. All the products are manufactured from quality materials and thus will help complete items and devices before or after operation activities or during maintenance.

Wide range of equipment includes:

Protective sleeves – designed for protection of temperature sensors from different types of negative impacts;

Isolating diaphragms – protect the inside elements of the devices against hazardous media or solid particles penetration;

Pipe inserts – used as a temporary substitute of the elements that are being repaired;

Valve blocks – depending on the design variants, they allow to connect equipment and/or conduct operations without shutting down the process;

Leveling vessels are used for stabilizing the operating media;

Adjustable flow beans are used for installation and mounting of different equipment and pipelines;

Sockolets for temperature sensors are used for easy installation;

Flange joints – used for mounting connections.


NPO RIZUR offers:

·         beneficial prices;

·         quick production terms;

·         special conditions for regular customers;

·         delivery in Russian Federation, neighbouring countries and beyond.

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