I.S. barriers

NPO RIZUR manufactures intrinsic safety barriers RIZUR-ISKRA for oil-and-gas, petrochemical, coal, and other branches of the industry that conduct business connected with storing, receiving, processing, etc. of fire- and explosion-hazardous materials.

RIZUR-ISKRA devices are designed for use in automated technological processes control systems and are aimed at protecting equipment against electric sparks. Intrinsic safety barriers are also used for connecting the following types of devices: induction coils, switches, photoelectric elements, potentiometer, thermocouples, condensers.

RIZUR-ISKRA devices have several design variants: RIZUR-ISKRA-108, RIZUR-ISKRA-202 RIZUR-ISKRA-206, RIZUR-ISKRA-301, RIZUR-ISKRA-221.

Intrinsic safety barriers RIZUR-ISKRA comply with the regulatory documents, international safety standards ISO 9001  and have all the necessary certificates.

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