Soft enclosures

Soft enclosures RIZUR

Since 2005 NPO RIZUR has a series production of RIZUR soft enclosures in different design versions. Due to the operational resources, we can conduct the whole range of actions on the engineering, manufacturing, and realization of heat-insulating soft enclosures. Each working stage is controlled by the quality division of NPO RIZUR. The engineering development is always upgrading.

Soft enclosures RIZUR are multi-functional heat-insulating soft enclosures used in different climatic conditions. They do not weigh much, are reliable in operation, and have a service life of more than 7 years.

Soft enclosures RIZUR are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, developed in the Company, have all the necessary certificates, and comply with the international standards ISO-9001. It’s possible to manufacture standard soft enclosures, as well as customized ones based on the technical requirements and the general assembly drawings of the customer.

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