Explosion-proof heater RIZUR-TERM-ATR

Cylinder explosion-proof heater RIZUR-TERM-ATR has an irregular construction and is manufactured in several design variants that differ in the housing size and nominal capacity. The heaters are designed for use in zones with limited space for equipment installation.

Intended use and appication area

Explosion-proof cylinder heaters RIZUR-TERM-ATR manufactured by NPO RIZUR comply, depending on the design variant, with the requirements of GOST R MEK 60079-0-2011, GOST R MEK 60079-18-2012 as electric equipment with explosion protection “explosion-proof enclosure(d)” and “compound sealing(m)”.

Explosion-proof heaters RIZUR-TERM-ATR are used in both explosion hazardous and general industrial areas of inside and outside facilities for heating the following objects:

  • shut-off valves,
  • enclosures,
  • control cabinets,
  • equipment and instrumentation,
  • telecommunication and distribution cabinets,
  • different types of safety shields and boxes.

Unique construction and small size of the cylinder heaters RIZUR-TERM-ATR allow their use in places where the equipment is placed in such a way that leaves little space for the heater.

Dimensions of RIZUR-TERM-ATR

цилиндрический обогреватель РИЗУР-ТЕРМ-АТР.jpg

Dimensions, L Capacity, W Temperature on the heater's surface*, С°
200 100…400 up to 130
300 200…500 up to 130
400 300…600 up to 130
*the temperature is measured at ambient temperature of 20°С.     

RIZUR-TERM-ATR follows the shape of a tube stand with 57mm diameter, which allows for device mounting directly onto the heater using standard fastening elements of the connecting clamp.  

Design description 

Structurally, the heater has a cylinder form that allows to place it in close distance to the equipment. RIZUR-TERM-ATR is made from aluminium alloy. Inside the radiator there’s a ceramic on the basis of semi-conductive ceramic heating elements (PTC-ceramics) that are perceptive to temperature changes.

Electrical resistance is in non-linear dependence with the heating temperature – when the temperature gets higher, the resistance of the ceramic heating element grows exponentially, restricts the flowing current, and stops the temperature rise. Due to the self-regulating quality of the ceramic heating elements, RIZUR-TERM-ATR on the base of PTC-ceramics does not require usage of stabilizing components or protective equipment to prevent surface overheating which ensures long and correct operating of the heater. 

mobile_file_2019-10-10_09-11-34 (1).jpg          mobile_file_2019-10-10_09-11-34.jpg

Example of the heater RIZUR-TERM-ATR being used in the enclosure with pressure sensor and digital thermoregulator RIZUR-DCS-2.


Advantages of the cylinder heaters RIZUR-TERM-ATR on the basis of PTC-ceramics:

  • self-regulation,
  • energy efficiency,
  • high power-weight ratio,
  • small size,
  • reliability,
  • absence of additional components that can lead to the heater’s malfunction (for example, built-in thermostats);
  • long service life.

The square footage of the outer surface corresponds to the nominal heating capacity and provides protection against over-heating (exceeding the set temperature limits). Exact calculation during engineering stage and use of high-quality materials allows us to have extended warranty for these heaters.

Application area General industrial areas
Explosion hazard zones V-1а and V-1g acc. to Electrical installation code (PUE), Ch. 7.3
Explosion protection marking General purpose industrial version
1Ex d IIС T6... T3 Gb X
1Ex mb IIC T6... T2 Gb X
Heating element capacity 100 ... 600 W
Power supply voltage 230 (±15%) V AC
Temperature on the heater's surface In accordance with the temperature rating:
T4 - up to +135 ºС
T5 - up to +100 ºС
T6 - up to +85 ºС
-30 … +110°C, an increment of 1°С (with digital thermoregulators manufactured by OOO "NPO RIZUR")

+10...+20°C (with thermoregulators on the base of a bimetallic thermostat)
Temperature maintained inside
-25 … +110°C, an increment of 1°С (with digital thermoregulators manufactured by OOO "NPO RIZUR")

IP67 acc. to GOST 14254-96
Ingress protection
Insulation strength
min. 1500 V
Insulation resistance
min. 20 МОhм
Protection against electrical shock 
class 1 acc. to GOST
Warranty period 36 months
Average operation time
over 15 years
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