Production of RIZURPAK - pre-insulated tubes and tubing bundles.

Production of RIZURPAK - pre-insulated tubes and tubing bundles.


The RIZUR GROUP OF COMPANIES has recently launched manufacturing of pre-insulated tubing bundles under the brand name RIZURPAK. The unique production facility is the only one in Russia and CIS. The core strategy of our company is replacing imports by domestically produced high-tech solutions for the energy sector.

Pre-insulated tubing bundles manufactured by our company are certified and comply with all applicable international standards.

We manufacture pre-insulated impulse tubes and tubing bundles of various types according to the customer’s project requirements.

The engineering department of RIZUR company carries out all the necessary calculations, design, research and development of winterization solutions to prevent freezing, condensation, viscosity fluctuation of operating fluids in process lines and other negative effects of low temperatures.


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