Protective fiberglass sunshades RizurBox-C-K

Protective sunshades RIzurBox-C-K and RizurBox-M-K are manufactured according to all of the technical regualtions and are designed for the equipment protection (EC&I, pressure sensors, and indicators, flow meters, level meters, etc.) against exposure to direct sunlight, atmosphere  recipitation (snow and rain), accidental mechanical impacts.

Application area - hazardous indoor and outdoor areas, in accordance with the markings, relevant industrial safety guidelines, and manufacturer's recommendations.

Protective sunshades RizurBox-C-K and RizurBox-M-K are made from inflammable materials and have fire-safety certificate № АПБ.RU.OC005.H.00093.

The safety operation of enclosures at the hazardous areas is confirmed by the Customs Union compliance certificate "Safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres" № ЕАЭС RU C-RU.ME92.B.00041/19. 

Protective fiberglass sunshades RizurBox-C-K are made of inflammable unsaturated polyester resin and glass-reinforced materials.

Protective metal sunshades RizurBox-M-K are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and have a welded construction. Special powder-polymer coating is used for corrosion protection.

The sunshade's coating is antistatic. It can be mounted vertically, on a vertical/horizontal stand, pipeline, etc. Standard version has all of the metal mounting elements made of carbon steel with powder-polymer coating antique-silver (the colour is dark grey).

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Installation area Explosion-hazardous areas V-1a and V-1d, acc. to Electrical installation code (PUE), Ch. 7.3
Operating temperature -70°С ... +70°С
Climatic category UHL1 acc. to GOST 15150-69
Resistivity (depending on the material)    to oil products
to chemical compounds
to UV radiation
Wall thickness
1 ... 3 mm (for metal sunshades) 
3 ... 6 mm (for fiberglass sunshades, depending on the sunshade dimensions)
stainless steel
zalvanized steel
carbon steel
without coating
powder polymer coating
Surface resistance (antistatic)
under 109 Оm
Colour antique-silver, dark grey, RAL 7035, light grey,
any colour acc. to RAL (on request)
Explosion-proof marking
Warranty period
12 months
24/36 months (on request)
Average operation time
over 10 years

Standard variants of protective sunshades RizurBox

Protective fiberglass sunshades RizurBox-C-K

Design version Dimensions
RizurBox-С-К1 200х250х260
RizurBox-С-К2 365х320х380
RizurBox-С-К3 430х495х440
RizurBox-С-К4 430х750х440
RizurBox-С-КХ Any size upon an agreement with the manufacturer
RizurBox-М-К5 440х500х450
RizurBox-М-К6 440х760х450
RizurBox-М-КХ Any size upon an agreement with the manufacturer

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