Cable glands for armored cable in a metal hose RIZUR-KVVBM

Cable glands RIZUR-KVV are manufactured according to TU-3400-009-12189681-2015 and comply with the requirements of GOST R MEK 600790-2011, GOST R MEK 60079-7-2012, GOST R MEK 60079-31-2010, GOST R IEC 60079-1-2011. Operational safety of RIZUR-KVV cable glands at the explosion hazardous facilities is confirmed by the conformity certificate of the Customs Union "Safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres" № ТС RU CRU.ME92.B.00619.

RIZUR-KVV are designed for the glanding and fixation of cables with different kinds of isolation upon their lead-in to the electric and electrotechnical equipment. Cable glands RIZUR-KVV are used with all kinds of cables: electric, heating, telecommunicational, informational, etc.

Design description

Explosion-proof cable glands RIZUR-KVV and accessories (adapters, plugs, and drain/vent valves)
are manufactured from different materials: brass, nickel-plated brass, galvanized steel, stainless steel, anodized aluminium. Silicone rings of different diameters are used for the insulation. All the goods with Exd marking have at least 5 full continuous turns of thread.

Application area

Explosion-proof cable glands RIZUR-KVV and accessories are used in hazardous areas of inside and outside facilities in accordance with the explosion-proof markings, industry safety regulations, and manufacturer's recommendations. The material and special coatings allow RIZUR-KC to be used in wet and dust-filled rooms with highly aggressive environment, off-shore facilities, and watercraft.

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Explosion protection marking 


Ingress protection, IP IP66, IP67, IP68
Operating temperature range

-60 °С ... +80 °С (standard version)

-65 °С ... +110 °С (on request)



Nickel-plated brass

Galvanized Steel

Stainless steel

Anodized aluminum

Connecting thread type

М - metric (GOST 24705-2004)

R - tapered pipe thread (GOST 6211-81)

G - straight pipe thread (GOST 6357-81)

NPT - сone-shaped whitworth thread (GOST 6111-52)

O-ring sealing material
Silicon rubber
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