Reinforced fiberglass enclosures RIZURBOX-C with classical opening

RizurBox-C fiberglass enclosures have a multilayer structure of the body and are made of inflammable unsaturated polyester resin and glass-reinforced materials. The housing is antistatic.

The outer and inner covers of enclosures are separated by a heat-insulation layer made of polyurethane foam. The K FLEX ALU additional heat-insulation layer can be applied on request.

RizurBox-С reinforced fiberglass enclosures (thermoboxes) are manufactured according to TU-3442-001-12189681-2014 and are designed for the placement of control and measuring equipment, as well as telecommunication equipment (pressure sensors, flow meters, water gauges, network devices, check valves, etc.) both in outdoor and indoor facilities. RizurBox-С are weather-resistant enclosures designed to protect equipment against low temperatures, condensation, precipitation, dust, chemicals, physical damage, unauthorized access, theft, etc.

RizurBox-C reinforced fiberglass enclosures are designed to be used in indoor and outdoor areas exposed to explosion hazards in accordance with specified requirements, relevant industrial safety guidelines, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. All enclosures are made from inflammable materials and have fire-safety certificate № АПБ.RU.OC005.H.00093

The safety operation of enclosures at the hazardous areas is confirmed by the Customs Union compliance certificate "Safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres" № ЕАЭС RU C-RU.ME92.B.00041/19 

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Installation area
Explosion-hazardous areas V-1a and V-1d, acc. to Electrical installation code (PUE), Ch. 7.3
Ingress protection
IP54 acc. to GOST 14254-96
IP65 acc. to GOST 14254-96 (on request)
IP66 acc. to GOST 14254-96 (on request)
Surface resistance (antistatic)
under 109 Оm
Temperature maintained inside (depending on the type of heating and the heater's parameters) 
-40°С ... +50°С
Operating temperature
-60°С ... +70°С
-70°С ... +70°С (with additional heat insulation K-Flex)
to oil products
to chemical environments
to UV radiation
Wall thickness
20 ... 40 mm (depending on the enclosure's design variant)
Fiberglass thickness
2 ... 4 mm (depending on the enclosure's design variant)
Thermal conductivity
0,03 W/m*K
Fitting materials (locks, hinges)
stainless steel
Explosion-proof marking
with RIZUR-OShA-R heaters
1 Ex e mb IIC(T3....T6)Gb X
with RIZUR-Arctic, TERM heaters
1 Ex e d IIC(T3....T6)Gb X, 1 Ex e d IIB(T3....T6)Gb X, 1 Ex e mb IIC(T3....T6)Gb X
with a heating section
1 Ex e  II(T3....T6)Gb 
water/steam heating is under 200 С II Gb T3
water/steam heating is under 135 С II Gb T4
water/steam heating is under 100 С II Gb T5
water/steam heating is under 85 С II Gb T6
without heating
II Gb 
RAL 7035 light-grey 
any colour (on request)
Warranty period
12 months
24/36 months (on request)
Average operation time
over 15 years

Reinforced fiberglass enclosures RizurBox-C with classical opening
Design variant
Dimensions H х W х D, mm 
RizurBox-C-W1 600 х 400 x 350
RizurBox-C-W2 1000 x 600 х 500
RizurBox-C-W3 1000 х 600 х 350
RizurBox-C-W4 1000 х 1000 х 400
RizurBox-C-W5 500 х 470 х 300
RizurBox-C-W6 850 х 530 х 350
RizurBox-C-W7 400 х 400 х 250
RizurBox-C-W8 1090 х 890 х 480
RizurBox-C-W9 1000 х 800 х 500
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