Medium temperature self-regulating heating cable RIZUR-SGL-S

RIZUR-SGL-S is a medium temperature self-regulating heating cable used in various branches of the industry, including those with explosion-hazardous facilities, for maintaining set temperature and equipment protection against freezing. It's used for heating vessels, tanks, and pipelines. RIZUR-SGL-S is manufactured for pipelines of medium diameter. Thermoresistance is up to 110/135 °C (maximum temperature - 110 °C, maximum temperature with no load - 135 °C - 100 hours total).

Intended use and application area

RIZUR-SGL-S reacts to changes in both ambient and surface temperature and automatically controls heat release. It's used for temperature maintenance in reservoirs, tanks, and pipelines of small diameter, as well as for equipment protection against freezing, ice formation, and other impacts of low temperatures. Self-regulating heating cable is used at facilities in various branches of the industry: petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, building-and-construction, etc.

Design description and function

  • housing (material: elastomeric thermoplastic, PTFE);
  • self-regulating semi-conductive matrix;
  • copper tinned conductor providing constant voltage supply along the full length of the cable.
  • insulation made from PTFE, that protects the matrix from moisture and galling;
  • tinned copper braid, that provides shielding, grounding and cable protection against mechanical impacts;

Advantages of RIZUR-SGL-N

  • Safe and reliable. It does not overburn or overheat even in case of self-crossing due to self-regulation of heat release.
  • The cable can be cut to the necessary length without any loss in its qualities (to correspond to the pipeline length).
  • Easy and quick mounting. All the necessary mounting elements for cable connection and control are in the scope of supply.
  • The cable can be used in various conditions: hazardous and non-hazardous, corrosive, explosion-hazardous.
  • It has a wide working voltage range: 220-240 V and 110-120 V (customized design variants).

Подробнее Скрыть

Order code for RIZUR-SGL-S

1. Design variant


medium-temperature self-regulating heating cable. Operating temperature - up to + 110 °C, maximum permissible temperature + 135 °C

2. Heat generation capacity at 10 °C


17 W/m at t = + 10 °C


30 W/m at t = + 10 °C


45 W/m at t = + 10 °C


60 W/m at t = + 10 °C

3. Supply cable length


specify the necessary length of the supply cable in meters (m)

4. Metal hose protection of the supply cable


without metal hose


with a shielding braid


with a metal hose

5. Housing material


elastomeric thermoplastic for additional protection


 PTFE for protection against corrosive chemical solutions and vapour

6. Explosion protection marking 









7. Built-in thermoregulator 


please, specify the thermoregulator information in written form outside the order code 


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