Pipe inserts

Pipe insert (flange bobbin) – an element of the pipeline system consisting of a piece of pipe with welded flanges at both ends. The inserts are mounted onto the pipeline openings as a temporary replacement for equipment: control and measurement equipment (flow meters, pressure sensors, etc.), various types of safety and regulating devices, pipeline fittings during remedial maintenance, checks, servicing.

Pipe inserts are widely used in the oil-refining, petrochemical, gas-refining, chemical branches of the industry. These elements are used in the pipelines with all types of liquid media, including vaporized and gaseous (from - 70 °C to + 450 °C). They are designed for installation during equipment dismantling caused by planned or emergency maintenance operations at the metering stations, equipment checks, backwashing, inspection, hydraulic testing, the transition from one connecting size to another.



For complete containment, the connecting size of the pipe insert must be an exact match with the connecting size of the equipment it’s replacing. Pipe inserts have different deign variants depending on the application area, environment factors, controlled media characteristics, and operating pressure. They are manufactured using modern welding methods, all the finished products undergo hydro-testing on special stands.

Pipe inserts are manufactured from the following materials:

  • machine steel (20),
  • hot-rolled steel (09G2S),
  • corrosion- and heat-resistant steel (08Х18Н10Т),
  • machine cryogenic steel (12Х18Н10Т),
  • corrosion-resistant non-alloyed steel (10Х17Н13М2Т),
  • high-technology stainless steel (03Х17Н14М3).

Flanged bobbins can be manufactured in accordance with sizes specified in Russian and European standards: GOST R 54432-2011 (GOST 12821-80); GOST 33259-2015; ASME (ANSI) B16.5; DIN-EN.1092-1; other standards, technical requirements or drawings provided by the Customer.

Engineers NPO RIZUR can design and manufacture bobbins with different nominal diameters, without weld seams, and inserts-adapters.

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