Container units, Shelters, Block-boxes

Container units for equipment

Container units (shelters), manufactured by NPO RIZUR are designed for installation of telecommunication, diesel, pumping, and other equipment. Container units are designed for operation in any climatic conditions.

Container units (shelters) have high mobility and self-sufficiency. The container complete with equipment can be quickly dismounted and relocated.

Intended use and application area

Block-boxes RizurBox-M-BLOK and RizurBox-C-BLOK are portable enclosures manufactured according to module technology that comply with the requirements of TU-3442-001-12189681-2014 and are designed to maintain the necessary conditions for continuous and stable operation of the equipment as well as its protection against unauthorized access and environmental hazards.

Thanks to their design, block-boxes are easily installed, dismantled, and shipped and have high-quality protection against the environmental impacts. Block-boxes are designed for outdoor use with ambient temperature ranging from – 60°С to + 60°С.

Application area – hazardous areas of outdoor facilities (in accordance with the specified markings, industry safety standards and manufacturer’s recommendations).
All the block-boxes are made of inflammable materials and have a fire safety certificate № NSOPB.RU.PR004.N.00026.

The operational safety of RizurBox block-boxes at the hazardous areas is confirmed by Customs Union compliance certificate “Safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres” № EAES RU C-RU.ME92.B.00041/19 and Certificate of conformity to the requirements if industrial safety № S-RTE.002.TU.00198.
Block-boxes are designed for the following types of equipment:
  • Utility equipment (supply, telemechanics, communications systems);
  • Control and managements systems for technological and energy equipment;
  • High-voltage and low-voltage equipment;
  • Compressor-pumping stations and boilers;
  • Block stations for gas control and distribution;
  • etc.

Design description

The block-box can have a built-up or monobloc construction.
Сonstructionally, RizurBox-M/S-BLOK consists of the following elements:
  • Metal carcass consisting of an angle bar and a tube (depending on the dimensions) mounted on a rack
  • Metal carcass has insulated panels of the “sandwich” type mounted on it that function as walls and roof.
The inside and outside coating of the panel can be made out of metal (for block-box RizurBox-M-BLOK) with min. thickness of 1,2mm. Mineral stone wall can be used as an insulator. The thickness of the block-box wall is at least 40mm (depending on the dimensions and operational conditions).

In the RizurBox-C-BLOK version the panels are made out of inflammable unsaturated polyester resin and glass-reinforced materials. There’s also a heat-insulation layer made of polyurethane foam between the inside and outside fiberglass coating. The thickness of the insulated panel is at least 25mm (depending on the dimensions and operational conditions).

In order to achieve reduce in heat-loss the floor is insulated with mineral wool and the corner joints of the wall panels are covered with cover strip. Block-box is manufactured with the required number of doors and windows. The windows are made of double-glazed windows.

The block-box construction ensures:
  • Installation of the Customer’s equipment inside the block-box with the help of embedded parts of the construction;
  • Mechanical installation and dismantling of the block-box from the vehicle with a crane or a manipulator;
  • Maintenance of the set temperature conditions inside the block-box in both the cold and hot climate zones with the help of heating and cooling systems as well as precise thermo-technical calculation of the thickness of the insulation layer in the walls, floor, and roof panels;
  • Fire safety of the construction due to the usage of inflammable materials.

In accordance with the requirements of the inquiry form the block-box can be supplied with:
  • The necessary service openings (for example, for the pipelines);
  • Sunshades and shelters;
  • The entrance platforms and stairs;
  • Cable channels, blocks of cable glands, terminal boxes, etc.;
  • Additional base constructions that make it possible to install and mount equipment;
  • Electric circuit wiring, electrical outlets, grounding elements, illumination tools, electric heating and cooling systems, etc.;
  • Systems of fire alarms and extinguishing;
  • Anti-theft systems and alarm for unauthorized access;
  • Any other technologic and energetic equipment;
  • etc.
Depending on the design version, the block-box is mounted either on a wall foundation, or on a specially prepared site with the help of skids.
The design version, dimensions, and equipment supplied is chosen at the time of order.

Production peculiarities of the container units for equipment

OOO "NPO RIZUR" manufactures container units (shelters) with high performance characteristics:
The carcass is made of welded beams, pipes or C-channels with additional reinforcement ribs in the places with the biggest load;

The walls and roofing are manufactured from “sandwich” panels or metal sheets. The protective coating is made in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

All the utility systems (cable glands, open spaces for the equipment installation, the location of the door openings, windows, hatches and partitions) are discussed with the Customer during the design stage.

OOO "NPO RIZUR" has modern technological complexes for cutting, bending, welding, and painting of the rolled stock. Standard service life of the container units (shelters) is over 10-15 years.

Container-units can have different applications:

  • Pumping container-unit (shelter);
  • Container-unit (shelter) for gate valves operation;
  • Container-unit (shelter) for closed distribution switchgear;
  • Telemechanics container-unit (shelter);
  • Container-unit (shelter) for low voltage complete devices;
  • Container-unit (shelter) for diesel engine power plant;
  • Control and monitoring stations;
  • Communication equipment rooms;
  • Control rooms;
  • Fire extinguishing pump stations;
  • Active sludge plants.

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