Explosion-proof heating section RIZUR based on a self-regulating heating cable

Heating section based on a self-regulating heating cable RIZUR-SGL. Heater for the automation and control cabinets. Application area - EC&I equipment, enclosures and other types of insulated cabinets.

Intended use and application area

RIZUR explosion-proof heating sections based on a self-regulating heating cable are manufactured by OOO «NPO RIZUR» in compliance with the Technical regulations TU-3442-001-12189681-2014 and meet the requirements of GOST RMEK60079-0-2011,GOST RMEK60079-7-2012 standards as equipment with enhanced explosion protection of «e» class, and have 1ExeIIT6...T6Gb3 explosion-proof marking depending on the self-regulating heating cable used.

According to the explosion-proof marking, Ch. 7.3 of Electrical installation code (PUE) and other regulations governing the use of electrical equipment in Ex-areas, the heating section is authorized for use in Ex-areas of indoor and outdoor facilities.

The RIZUR explosion-proof heating section is designed for electrical heat tracing of instruments and process equipment in ex-areas, where explosive air-gas and flammable vapor mixtures (belonging to categories IIA, IIB, IIC of groups Т6… Т3 according to GOST R51330.9-99) can generate, as well as for general industrial facilities. The RIZUR explosion-proof heating section is used for heating and temperature control in enclosures, heated cabinets, block-boxes, etc. with equipment that requires certain ambient temperature for stable and failure-free performance.

Design description and functions

The heating element of the RIZUR explosion-proof heating section is an explosion-proof self-regulating heating cable. The cable type, heat capacity, and length depend on the operating conditions and thermal design. Standard RIZUR heating sections have wattage from 30 to 500 W.

The heating cable is mounted on a metal grid, which also performs the function of a mounting panel for the heating cable, ensures air convection, and protects the staff against thermal injury during maintenance of the heating enclosures. The grid can be made out of stainless steel, galvanized steel or carbon steel with protective polymer powder coating.

To make the mounting of the heating section more convenient there are legs on the metal grid, which enable the mounting of the RIZUR heating section on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The construction of the RIZUR heating section has no solid metal surfaces, which ensures optimal convection of air and, consequently, maximum heat output.

The RIZUR heating section has a power cable (1mlong) for power connection. (You can specify the required length of the power cable in the order).

For temperature control, the RIZUR heating section can be used together with analog or digital explosion-proof thermoregulators RIZUR-TB or RIZUR-DCS-2.

Technical specifications

Installation area General industrial areas
Explosion hazard zones V-1а and V-1g acc. to Electrical installation code (PUE)
Explosion-proof marking 1Exe II (T3…T6) Gb
Heating element capacity 30 ... 500 W
Supply voltage 220 (±15%)V
Ingress protection 0
Warranty period 24 months
Average operation time over 10 years

   Dimension of the explosion-proof heating section RIZUR on a base of self-regulating heating cable depend on the heating section capacity. In order to request technical drawings with precise dimensions of the heating section please contact NPO RIZUR Engineering department +7 (4912) 46-65-39, marketing@rizur.ru

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