Carbon monoxide detector ОRT-SО-01

All the detectors of Ort series are supplied with the high-quality electric components of the leading foreign firms. The devices are highly competitive with the best foreign counterparts in regards to their technical characteristics while also having lower prices which means that they can compete with both foreign and domistic manufacturers.

Main distinctive feature that distinguishes them from the analogues present on the Russian market - high-reliability and long service life. It is achieved with the help of detecting elements (sensors) made by "Nemoto" (Japan) - a firm that takes leading positions in the gas and chemical branches of the industry and guaranties failure-free service for 8-10 years. 

In order to lessen the impact of the environmental factors (temperature, etc.) elements and joints are used. This allows to exclude the possibility of false responses and guarantees high-quality accuracy of gas contamination measurement.

The gas monitors are easy to operate and maintain.

All the devices pass primary calibration, each one has a full technical description and an instruction manual.

Intended use and application area:

Carbon monoxide detector ОRT-SО-01 is designed for the continuous automatic control and signalizing when there’s an exceedance in the CO concentration in the air.

Industrial facilities, boiler houses, community facilities, garages, underground parking and other spaces where it’s possible for carbon oxide to appear and accumulate.

ОRT-SО-01 is a stationary, one-block gas monitor of a single component with a convection supply of the measured media, along with light and sound signaling.

All the ОRT-SО-01 devices pass primary calibration, each one has a full technical description and an instruction manual.

ОRT-SО-01 gas analyzer provides:

  • Light indication of the CO concentration in mg/m³;
  • Light and sound signaling if there’s an exceedance in the CO concentration in acc. with «Level 1» and «Level 2»;
  • Data-control alarm signals for the external devices using galvanically isolated relay outputs «Level 1» and «Level 2».

Main distinctive features:

  • Primary transducer based on the electrochemical detecting elements (sensors) made by "Nemoto" (Japan);
  • A special “Control” mode for the on-the-spot fault checks of the light and sound signaling, gas analyzer relay outputs, correctness of the connection and operation of the external actuation devices.
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Basic technical characteristics

  • Measuring range 0 – 120 mg/m³
  • Maximum relative measurement error ±(2 + 0,15 Svh), where Svh is CO concentration, mg/m³
  • Warmup time less than 10 min.
  • Time of response less than 120 sec.
  • Actuation levels of the threshold device:
    ■ «Level 1» — 20 mg/m³
    ■ «Level 2» — 100 mg/m³
  • Mains supply 220 V/50 Hz
  • Power consumption - less than 10 W
  • Operating temperature range, -20 ... +50ºС
  • Ingress protection IP54
  • Dimensions 195x160x101 mm
  • Weight - less than 1,0 kg
  • Average service life - over 10 years

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