Laser metal cutting

Laser metal cutting
We offer sheet metal processing services on modern, high-precision machine tools (cutting area 1500x3000 mm). All work is performed by highly qualified specialists: technologists, programmers, designers, and machine operators.

Laser metal cutting is a fully automized, cost-effective and quick process that allows getting high-quality products.

Group of companies RIZUR provides services on the sheet metal processing on modern technological equipment - machines with a computer control system. This cutting technology is one of the non-mechanical methods and is carried out with a high degree of precision, without deformation. Specialists of NPO RIZUR – technologists, engineers, machine operators follow up and control each step of the work.

X-y table of the machine allows cutting leaves 1500x3000 meters. That helps to use the metal in an optimal way.

Laser-beam cutting is done through the exposure of a beam, focused on a particular area. The metal in that place starts to melt, quickly disintegrates and evaporates.

It’s possible to manufacture a typified product or non-standard ones - of a complicated form, ornamental with an open-worked cut – depending on the technical requirements and the customer’s drawings.

Our advantages

·         correction of the drawings and their conversion into the required format

·         manufacture of one-of-a-kind products, as well as stock-produced ones

·         shape cutting

·         efficient execution of work


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