Customized embedded fittings

NPO RIZUR manufactures embedded fittings in accordance with the general assembly drawings provided by the Customer complying with GOST. Embedded fittings of different types and shapes:
- flat,
- dimensional,
- foundation plate,
- flat bar,
- barrier,
- mounting block.

Embedded fittings of the reinforced-concrete constructions

Manufacturing embedded fittings in acc. to the technical requirements of the Customer: ZD-1, ZD-2, ZD-3, ZD-4, ZD-5, ZD-6.

We can also carry out additional treatment of the fittings: 

- hot-dip galvanizing;

- cold galvanizing;

- metal cutting and chopping in acc. with the Customer's requirements; 

- painting;

We also carry out truck shipment.

If you have any questions regarding prices and delivery time - please phone for an explanation:

+7 (4912) 523-236

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