Horizontal magnetic float level switches RIZUR-M-G

Magnetic liquid level switch RIZUR-M-G with horizontal mounting is designed for liquid level control in open or closed tanks, including those under extreme pressure, at manufacturing facilities of chemical, petrochemical, medical, food, and other branches of the industry.
Level switches RIZUR-M-G can be used as an indicator of liquid presence/absence in controlled volume at a previously set height. Controlled liquids are: water, oil products, oils, and other liquids.  

Intended use and application area

Level switches RIZUR-M are manufactured in two design variants: RIZUR-M-G (horizontal mounting) and RIZUR-M-G (horizontal mounting).

(horizontal mounting)
(vertical mounting)


B+C - 230mm in standard version (can be different on request)

D - float diameter

L - probe length

L1...L8 - location of the control points (should be indicated at the order time)

It's possible to manufacture switches with different connection types: flange, sleeve nut, fitting connection, welded, etc.
Level switches RIZUR-M-G are used in automatic control systems, for regulating and control of technological processes, in automatic devices, as well as filtration and cleansing systems, in tanks for cooling and lubricating liquids.

Upon reaching the set level, the liquid causes the level switch to emit “dry” output signal (NC and NO or break-before-make contacts are used).

The switches can be used in both standard and hazardous zones in accordance with the explosion protection markings. The switches can be calibrated in the factory environment to signalize levels for different types of liquids by a trial-and-error method and installation of a suitable float gauge.

Design and operating principle

The immersed part of the RIZUR-M-G is a horizontally placed float, attached to a special fulcrum. When the liquid level goes up, it makes the float go up too (including the built-in magnet) which, in turn, affects the sensor in the switch's housing that opens or closes the control circuit.

The switches can be supplied in different design variants - depending on the process connection type (threaded or flange). Standard variant usually has a minimal connection size different depending on the float's diameter but on request it’s possible to manufacture it smaller than the float’s diameter with the float itself mounted on a mounting spool inside the tank.

However, there're design variants with the thread or flange connection smaller than the float's diameter and the float itself is attached to the rod inside the reservoir.

Level switches RIZUR-M-G are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, designed at the Company, have all the necessary certificates and international standard ISO 9001. It’s possible to manufacture both standard design variants of RIZUR-M-G and non-standard ones, based on the technical requirements and Customer’s drawings.

Mounting examples

Standard design variants
Customized design variants and configurations 

чертеж ризур-М-Г.jpg

Подробнее Скрыть
Medium operation temperature, °С -60….+150
Process pressure, MPa 1,6; 2,5; 4,0; 6,3; 10; 16 (up to 32 on request)
Minimum medium density, kg/m³
Material contacting the media st. steel 304, 316L, titanium, PTFE, PP, etc.
Number of alarm points up to 8
Max permissible voltage on the contacts, V 250
Max switching current, A 0,5 (up to 2 on request)
Max load on the contacts, W 20; 60; 200
Ambient temperature, °С -60….+50
Spatial orientation vertical, horizontal
Ingress protection IP65, IP66, IP67
Explosion protection marking without explosion protection, 1ExiaIICT6X, 1ExdIICT6
Housing material plastic, aluminium, stainless steel
Process connection threaded, flange (at least DN50)
Average service life, years 10

Design density is such media density that has the float immersed in the liquid at 50% of the height, minimal density – when the float is at 85%. It’s necessary to take this data into account when calculating the distance to the alarm points. *It’s possible to manufacture level switches with customized floats.

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