Customized variants of RIZURPAK

Customized variants of RIZURPAK and other constructions designed in accordance with the Customer's technical requirements

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Apart from the standard design versions of RIZURPAK, NPO RIZUR offers customized variants in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The customized versions are designed and tested in special chambers with the required process conditions so that the finished product meets all your requirements, has a high accuracy of temperature maintenance and performance reliability.
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Basic parameters 

Housing for indoor and outdoor use
Operating temperature range up to 315° С
Customized length
Ability to choose the type of process pipes connection
Preliminary cut and fixed tube endings
Factory-installed temperature sensors
Data, control, and supply cables
Housings of different colours

Non-standard materials and tube sizes

RIZURPAK system can be manufactured on the base of tubes of non-standard sizes and from the non-standard materials in accordance with your technical requirements, including:
  • Different versions of Teflon®, for instance PTFE, PFA, TFE, and nylon.
  • Hastelloy,
  • Incoloy,
  • titanium,
  • duplex,
  • 6% molybdenum,
  • tubes cleaned for oxygen supply,
  • stainless steel tubes with quartz coating
Multi-component bundles

Complex structure can contain the factory-installed temperature sensors (for instance RTD, thermocouple, temperature-sensitive resistor), several process tubes (for instance data and supply cables), as well as a heat tracing.

High-temperature heaters

For maintenance of temperature of up to 315°С (can withstand the temperature of up to 540°С) it’s possible to use specialized tracers, for example CPD, MI, and resistive conductors.

Housing materials for different applications 

NPO RIZUR offers housing versions from different type of materials that can withstand high operating temperatures, constant bending or installation at low temperatures. Materials for outdoor applications are: polyurethane, polypropylene or PVC, while versions for indoor applications are: polyethylene or stainless steel screening.

Constructions enhancing operational characteristics

For the technological processes with occasional high temperatures it’s recommended to use special constructions with a safety bumper. In such constructions the standard self-regulating tracing is separated by the safety bumper from the process pipe for protection against both high temperatures impact and freezing.

Application examples:

Sample collection system

Vehicle emission check, extracted exhaust sampling.
Technological and portable analyzers. 

Media viscosity control
Petroleum products, asphalt, resin, paint and varnish systems, printing ink, various coatings, spray foam.
Product transportation
Polymers, oil, urethane, wax, chemicals, food, fats, glue, etc.


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