One pre-insulated weather-proofed tubing line RIZURPAK-S

One pre-insulated weather-proofed tubing line
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RIZURPAK-S system is designed specially for use in pipelines for liquids and gas where it’s important to reduce heat loss and ensure personnel protection. RIZURPAK-S is an inexpensive solution for insulation and protection of tubing lines of small diameters against climatic factors in the zones of operation.

RIZURPAK-S system is used for protection against freezing, maintaining the required temperature in a small range or maintaining the required media viscosity. It is an excellent way of maintaining the required temperature along the whole length of long impulse tubes and pipelines. Tubing bundles RIZURPAK-S are recommended for use in cases when it's impossible to use steam tracing or when there's a possibility that steam supply will be cut off if the required equipment will be turned off.

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Technical specifications

Installation area General industrial areas
  Areas exposed to explosion hazards V-1a and V-1d, acc. to Electrical installation code (PUE), Ch. 7.3
Resistivity to oil products
  to chemical environments
  to ultraviolet radiation
Explosion-proof marking:  
RIZURPAK-E Series 1 Exs II T6…T4 X*
RIZURPAK-L/-H/-S Series II Gb T6…T4 X*
Ingress protection - IP67 acc. to GOST 14254-96
Min. ambient temperature for installation -40°С
Ambient temperature range for installation:  
for the temperature rating Т6 -70 ... +45 °С
for the temperature rating Т5 -70 ... +60 °С
for the temperature rating Т4 -70 ... +95 °С
for the temperature rating Т3* -70 ... +160 °С
for the temperature rating Т2* -70 ... +255 °С
for the temperature rating Т1*  -70 ... +405 °С
Max temperature of the housing surface +60° С
Supply voltage for RIZURPAK-E 230V
Housing colour any (black on default)
Warranty period 12 months
  24/36 months (on request)
Average operation time over 20 years

Technical specification of RIZURPAK materials

Housing Thermoplastic polyester urethane elastomer stabilized by a hydrolytic method:
• does not contain halogens;
• resistant to abrasive impacts;
• resistant to UV radiation;
• maintains flexibility at low temperatures
Insulation Non-hygroscopic fiber-glass
• RIZURPAK-L, H, S Max. temperature of the process line - 204°C*
• RIZURPAK-E Constant temperature:
XTV 121°C*
BTV 65°C*
Short-term temperature:
XTV 250°C*
BTV 85°C*
Max. temperature of the tracing:
XTV temp. rating T3, 230°C
BTV temp. rating T6, 85°C

Technical specifications of the tubing

Outside diameter, mm
Wall, mm
Construction and material ASTM

1 seamless calibrated 316/316L SS А-269
8 1 seamless calibrated 316/316L SS А-269
10 1 seamless calibrated 316/316L SS А-269
12 1 seamless calibrated 316/316L SS А-269
12 1,5 seamless calibrated 316/316L SS А-269
14 1 seamless calibrated 316/316L SS А-269
14 1,6 seamless calibrated 316/316L SS А-269
14 2 seamless calibrated 316/316L SS А-269
6 1 copper В-68, В-75
8 1 copper В-68, В-75
10 1 copper В-68, В-75
12 1 copper В-68, В-75
6 1 6 mm PFA Teflon
8 1 8 mm PFA Teflon
10 1 10 mm PFA Teflon
12 1 12 mm PFA Teflon

Dimensions Nominal weight, kg/m Nominal dimensions (diameter), mm

One 6mm process tube
0,45 28
One 8mm process tube
0,6 33
One 10mm process tube
0,74 36
One 12mm process tube
0,6 33

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