Fences from shaped tubes

Fences from shaped tubes is one of the most widespread and universal types of fencing. It combines high tenacity, long service life, and ease of installation. Correctly manufactured and installed welded fence is really steady due to the overall rigidity and minimal wind resistance.

Fences made from shaped tubes are highly widespread due to their high tenacity, pleasant exterior, and high protection qualities. This type of fences is used for caging most of the municipal and government buildings, hospitals, schools and kindergartens because of its safety and pleasant exterior.

Fences from shaped tubes have different design variants ranging from the classics – cancellated ones to the ornamental filling using forged elements.

Fences made from shaped tubes are durable and stable. Service life of such fences is over 50 years. Compared to the forged fences, this type is cheaper while being just as good-looking and safe.

Durable and good-looking fences provide safety and create a unique look that will bring joy to you and your guests for many years.

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Technical specifications

Poles and sections – acc. to the Customer's dimensions

Pole without a flange is higher than the section roughly 500-800mm longer.

Pole length with a flange is comparable with the section's height. 

Coating variants:

Without coating - the fences are welded from carbon pipes (black).

Hot-dip galvanizing - full immersion of the item into the melted zinc without a follow-up paint coating (grey).

Polymer coating - the products are welded from the carbon pipes (black) with a follow-up polymer paint coating (standard colour acc. to RAL).

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