Polymer safety shield without insulation

RIZUR-F-KZ safety shields for flange joints are manufactured in accordance with TU-3442-001-12189681-2014. Safety shields are mounted onto the flange joints of the pipelines, gate valves, and other pipeline valve equipment. They are designed for the transportation of chemically aggressive high-temperature media as well as high-pressure media.

The safety shields are designed for the improvement in the industrial safety level, as they protect the personnel and equipment, as well as the environment, from the consequences of the emergency spillage and seepage of the pumped fluid or the depressurization of the flange joints.

Apart from that, RIZUR-F-KZ safety shields protect the flange joints themselves from the negative environment impacts, thus prolonging its service life.

Polymer safety shield RIZUR-F-KZR-P is manufactured from different types of polymer materials such as glass fiber plastic, polyethylene, etc.

Polymer safety shield RIZUR-F-KZR-P made of polymer materials have excellent technical and performance specifications. The materials have high durability, long service life, biological and chemical stability, as well as low heat conductivity. They're also good dielectrics and resistant to decay.

Distinctive features:
  • operating temperature: -70°C…+80°C;
  • high durability;
  • resistant to decaying and corrosion.

  • personnel protection against thermal injuries, splutter
  • reduction of heat loss from the shut-off valves surface by 70-75%
  • easy maintenance works of the valves
  • decrease in the number of work place injuries (thermal burns, media splutter)
  • noise level reduction
  • protection against premature corrosion
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