Enclosures complete with equipment (ready-to-mount)

Reinforced fiberglass enclosures RizurBox-C and metal enclosures RizurBox-M are suitable for installation in the hazard areas and can be used within the temperature range of -60°С... +70°С (up to +85°С on request).

NPO RIZUR supplies enclosures in different configurations: from Basic set to Complete set. It's possible to supply the enclosures complete with equipment manufactured by NPO RIZUR, as well as equipment provided by the Customer.

We can supply the enclosures complete with the necessary equipment manufactured by NPO RIZUR: pressure sensors, valve blocks, flow meters, level meters, etc. - in accordance with the technical requirements of the Customer.

Basic set
Standard set
The Basic set includes an enclosure and all components that are supplied separately: mounting elements for equipment installation, mounting elements for enclosure installation, tube heat exchanger (water steam), electric heater/heating section, temperature control device, signaling system, lamp, junction box, cable, and tube glands, blind flanges, junctions, bolts, washers, nuts, etc.

Thus, the Basic set includes everything required for the installation, performed by the Customer or by an installation crew.
The Standard set is almost identical to the Basic set. However, the heaters and the inside mounting elements are installed in accordance with the Customer’s technical drawing.

The installation of the enclosure is performed by the Customer or by an installation crew. Monitoring and measuring equipment is installed and connected by the Customer or by an installation crew.
System Set
Complete set
The System set is similar to the Standard set but apart from the heating system and the mounting elements it also includes all the necessary connecting, shut-off, and control equipment (fittings, valves, impulse tubes, pre-insulated tube bundles RizurPak, valve device assemblies, etc.).

This set is a package solution combining different types of equipment (enclosures, soft enclosures, pre-insulated impulse tubes, equipment of other manufacturers).

The Customer or an installation crew only have to install the control and measurement equipment inside and mount the enclosure itself.
The Complete set is a fully assembled and ready-for-connection unit with installed control and measuring equipment. The control and measuring equipment is specified by the Customer:

• it can be selected by the engineers of RIZUR in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.
• it can be specified by the Customer.
• it can be selected and supplied by the Customer.

This set is a packaged solution that contains a fully-equipped metering station which is ready for installation.

In order to request the technical drawings and techno-commercial offer, please provide:

  • precise model of the device (pressure sensor, flow meter, level meter, controller, etc.)
  • enclosure material (metal or fiberglass, specify the enclosure's model)
  • enclosure's heating (electric heating/steam-water heating/without heating)
  • additional requirements 

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