Impulse tube from stainless steel

Impulse tubes from stainless steel without tracing and protective housing are used for connection of equipment and measuring equipment, piping, laying of process lines, etc. Seamless impulse tubes ensure safe and durable connection, as well as failure-free performance of all the elements of the line. 

OOO "NPO RIZUR" carries out deliveries of impulse tubes from stainless steel and alloys produced by trust-worthy manufacturers.

Impulse tubing is used in various branches of the industry - gas, petroleum, chemical - where the facilities have gaseous and liquid media transported through pneumatic and hydraulic lines.

Impulse tubes are supplied in parts of the standard length, length requested by the Customer or in reels.

Impulse tubing from stainless steel have:

·        maximum safety level due to the integrity of the construction;

·        hermetically sealed and safe system;

·        absence of additional connections;

Impulse tubes supplied by NPO RIZUR are manufactured from an alloy resistant to pitting corrosion and cracking that has an optimal flexibility coefficient.

Impulse tubing from stainless steel have optimal hardness parameters that allow them to be bent to the required angle without deformation and provide the best packing at the ferrule fittings connection points.

Using tubing and tubing bundles from stainless steel sufficiently lessens the cost and time period required for mounting.

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