Butterfly valve

Butterfly valves have a disc-type blocking element that prevents the media from passing through the ring seat in the housing by turning the flap around an axis by 90° cross-flow.

Benefits of the disc-type blocking elements

  • simplicity of the installation;
  • low flow resistance;
  • can be used as regulating elements;
  • has a wide range of design variants (different sizes and diameters);
  • the sealing element can be easily replaced in case of leakage;
  • have good heat resistance;
  • relatively low cost;
  • weight and dimensions are 2-5 times smaller than those of the ball
  • general ergonomic requirements acc. to GOST 12.2.049.
  • service life – up to 15 years.

Disadvantages of the disc-type blocking elements

  • it’s necessary to install a redactor for the manual control of the system with a big diameter;
  • high structural integrity is achieved only in devices with a yielding industrial-rubber sealing while the whole-metal variants are not as good at shutting-off the liquid flow;
  • in case the device is used as a control valve it’s difficult to get the flow characteristics.







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