Level switch RIZUR-М (magnetic limit switch for RIZUR-NBK)

Level switch RIZUR-M is used as a magnetic limit switch for signalizing when the operating medium reaches the set limits. Using RIZUR-M together with a bypass magnetic level gauge RIZUR-NBK allows to broaden the options of media control in tanks under extreme pressure or with high temperature.

Level switch RIZUR-M, as a magnetic limit switch, is used together with a bypass magnetic level gauge RIZUR-NBK for signaling upper and lower limits.

RIZUR-M is located outside the bypass pipe and can be re-installed at the required level if necessary. Outside installation provides cooling and insulation against the media temperature influence on the level switch (magnetic limit switch).

Design description and operating principle

RIZUR-M does not require a power source and ensures continuous control. If there’re several devices attached to the bypass pipe, they do not influence each other’s operation.

Operating principle of RIZUR-M is based on the reaction between the magnet located inside the float of the bypass level gauge RIZUR-NBK and the reed switch, located inside the housing of the level switch (limit switch).

The float with a magnet is located inside the bypass pipe near the interface level of the medium. When the magnet moves above the reed switch, the contacts switch and stay in that position until the magnet moves back below the reed level. 


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Magnetic limit switch 
(activated by the float’s magnetic field)

Output signal

relay "dry contact"

Maximum supply voltage

230 V
20 W (VА)

Ingress protection

not less than IP65

Explosion protection

0Ex ia llC T6 Ga X,
1Ex d llC T6 Gb X

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